Inspired from life, we reinforce life

Kordsa, global player of tire and construction reinforcement and composites markets, operates in 13 facilities throughout 6 countries including Türkiye, Brazil, Indonesia, Thailand, Italy and USA with its over 5000 employees. Through its mission to “Reinforce Life”, the Company aims to create sustainable value to all its stakeholders and society by combining high value-added reinforcement technologies with innovation.

Today, with its tire reinforcement technologies, Kordsa reinforces one out of every three automobile tires and two out of every three aircraft tires worldwide. The Company develops eco-friendly products that reduce the fuel consumption thanks to better road grip in the tire industry, while developing composites that lighten the vehicles to perform with less fuel and reduced carbon emissions. As for construction reinforcement industry, Kordsa touches every aspect of life with more durable and more practical reinforcement solutions for both infrastructure and superstructure projects.

Today, committedly reinforcing every corner of life, Kordsa strives to make life more livable, easier and safer for us and for our loved ones.