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Kordsa Showcased its Kratos Synthetic Fibers at the Global Concrete Summit

Operating with ‘Inspired to reinforce life” vision Kordsa participated in the Global Concrete Summit, which took place online for the first time in the construction industry. Kordsa shared information about Kratos, its innovative synthetic fiber brand which is highly preferred by prestigious infrastructure, superstructure and mining projects which brings value to the industry.

The Global Concrete Summit, organized by the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association (NRMCA) and Grey Matters to shape the future of concrete and concrete structures, was held online for the first time this year.

Kordsa was the Gold sponsor of the Summit that provided learning and networking opportunities on the latest innovations, technical knowledge, continuing research, tools and solutions for sustainable concrete design, construction and manufacturing. Kordsa shared its innovative concrete reinforcement technologies, namely Kratos Macro, Kratos Micro, Kratos Rebound Minimizer and Kratos Pool Fiber. At the virtual conference Kordsa also made a Product Spotlight Presentation focusing on the key features of Kratos products as well as its areas of applications of the Kratos portfolio.

Introduced to the market in 2014 “Kratos” the innovative concrete reinforcement materials of Kordsa, made a difference in the industry with its high durability, time efficiency and advantageous workmanship costs and now is highly preferred by many prestigious projects. 

Preferred for both infrastructure & superstructure projects and mining applications

Featuring high durability, homogeneous mixing and quick applicability, Kratos Macro is used in a variety of construction applications from industrial flooring to screed, from high-performance under-rail concrete to port’s slab on ground concrete, from shotcrete to tunnel lining and precast concrete elements.

Kratos Micro, another Kordsa product presented at the Summit, is a high-performance polymer-based monofilament micro synthetic fiber reinforcement that provides effective crack control against short-term plastic shrinkage and long-term drying shrinkage with its 3-dimensional homogeneous distribution property in concrete. It is also used in all cement-based composite materials, including semi-dry floor screed applications, interior and exterior plaster applications, construction chemicals manufacturing, repair mortars and similar technical mortar applications.

Kordsa also introduced Kratos Rebound Minimizer, its new reinforcement fiber recently developed for shotcrete applications which minimizes rebound up to 3 times by decreasing segregation and by filling spaces between cement and aggregates.

Kratos Pool Fiber, manufactured from a special polymer raw material, is specifically developed for pool plastering applications providing ultra-high shrinkage crack minimization performance.

With its environmentally friendly Kratos product range enabling low carbon emissions, Kordsa contributes to a sustainable future by offering more durable and practical reinforcement solutions for both infrastructure and superstructure projects in the construction industry.