Kratos Structural Reinforcement


Kratos BetonFixx PE(Pure Epoxy) is a stirene-free pure epoxy resin with certification for crack-free concrete (M8 to M30 and φ8 to φ32) and cracked concrete (M12 to M30) and C2 seismic certification for M12 to M24 diameter. It includes the certification for post-installed reinforcement for diameters of φ8 to φ32 in both static, fire and seismic conditions. It is suitable for installation with diamond drilling machine and water-filled hole.

Suitable for use in cracked and uncracked concrete with construction reinforcement and all anchor rods

Optimized for construction reinforcement – provides longer working time suitable for thread bonding and suitable for use at main material temperatures between -10 and +40°C

Application areas

  • Structural concrete connections with thread bonding
  • Fastening of non-structural steel structures (e.g., shelves, machines, railings, noise barriers) to concrete
  • Anchoring of structural steel connections (e.g., steel columns, beams) to concrete
  • Strengthening of concrete buildings including post-installed reinforcement of incorrectly placed/missing formwork reinforcement bars and application of reattachment to reinforced concrete buildings
  • Concrete connections designed as rigid connection and simply supported connection