Kratos Structural Reinforcement


Kratos BetonFixx VE is a two-component, styrene-free vinylester resin with certifications for crack-free concrete (M8 – M30) and cracked concrete (M10 – M20) and C1 seismic certification for M12 – M20 diameters and C2 seismic certification for M12 and M16 diameters. It is certified for post-installed reinforcement for diameters of Ø 8 to Ø 32 in both static, fire and seismic conditions. The winter version can be applied up to -20°C. The product is approved for fixings with variable anchor depth to provide the designer with a high degree of flexibility. It is possible to use the product in dry, wet concrete and water-filled hole (water-filled hole only with threaded rods).
Chemical anchor mortar is the most popular resin cartridge system. It is easy to use in any hollow block such as concrete, stone, or solid sandy brick thanks to its fast curing feature. It can be used in railings, stairs, machines, awnings, doors, and any kind of reinforced concrete structure.

Application areas

  • Structural concrete connections with thread bonding
  • Fastening of non-structural steel structures (e.g., shelves, machines, railings, noise barriers) to concrete
  • Anchoring of structural steel connections (e.g., steel columns, beams) to concrete
  • Strengthening of concrete buildings including post-installed reinforcement of incorrectly placed/missing formwork reinforcement bars and application of reattachment to reinforced concrete buildings
  • Concrete connections designed as rigid connection and simply supported connection