Kratos Structural Macro Synthetic Fiber Reinforcement is being produced from the highly resistant raw material Polypropylene according to EN 14889-2 Class II and ASTM C 1116 standards. Kratos Macro offers the most effective solution against superficial shrinkage and structural cracks that occur under load, which is the biggest weakness of concrete in all applications. Highly engineered optimized fiber design ensures a homogeneous 3-dimensional distribution in concrete and Kratos Macro provides allaround crack control by increasing load bearing capacity of concrete under service and design loads of the structure.

In addition to its superior toughness properties, easy mixing and applicability enables its use in a variety of construction applications including industrial slab-on-ground concretes, screed and topping concretes, specific track slabs, tunnel linings, shotcretes, airport and dock slab-on-ground concretes and precast concrete components.

Presented to the construction market with Kordsa’s own production technology, the CE certified Kratos Macro provides sustainable maximum reinforcement and safety with its unique design to show the highest performance in concrete.


The optimum dosage of Kratos Macro depends on the requirements of the specific project. The usual range lies between 2 and 10 kg/m³.

Technical Specifications

Kratos Macro Characteristic Properties
Fiber Class EN 14889-2 Class II
Raw Material Virgin Polypropylene
Density (gr/cm³) 0,91
Length (mm) 54
Filament Diameter (mm) 0,95
Elastic Modulus (GPa) 7.2
Tensile Strength (MPa) 530
Acid and Alkali Resistance High
Resistance to Corrosion High
Melting Point  [oC] 160
Number of Fibers / Kg 28.000