Kratos Micro Synthetic Fiber Reinforcement is being produced according to the EN 14889-2 Class I standard and provides superior results in terms of preventing early age plastic and long-term drying shrinkage cracks. It minimizes the formation of cracks due to heat and shrinkage and improves structural integrity.

Areas of Use

Apart from its application in ready-mixed concrete and shotcrete, Kratos Micro can be used in all cement-based composite materials, including semi-dry floor screed applications, interior and exterior plaster applications, and similar applications.


As a result of accredited tests conducted at Aachen University in Germany, it has been proved that the use of 300 g/m³ dosage prevents 67% of the shrinkage cracks.


Kratos Micro Synthetic Fiber Reinforcement may be dispensed as water-soluble bags that can be dosed or supplied in big-bags, which are scaled according to project requirements.

Technical Specifications

Kratos Micro Characteristic Properties
Fiber Class EN 14889-2 Class I
Density (gr/cm³) 1.38
Length (mm) 12
Filament Diameter (mm) 17-21
Tensile Stress (MPa) 800-1100
Resistance to Corrosion High
Melting Point [oC] 255-265
Number of Fibers / kg 200 Million
Fiber Type Monofilament

Kratos Micro Plastic Shrinkage

Kratos Micro PS is a high-performance polymer-based monofilament micro synthetic fiber reinforcement that provides effective crack control against short-term plastic shrinkage with its 3-dimensional homogeneous distribution property in concrete. Kratos Micro PS is locally manufactured according to EN 14889-2 Class 1 standard with Kordsa engineering.

Areas of Use

Kratos Micro PS is used in all ready-mixed concrete and screed applications.


Kratos Micro PS is produced in special water-soluble packages. The standard package amount is 300 gr (0.66 lb) (±1.5%). 300 kg (660 lb) of product is shipped in one palette.