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New Launch in Construction Reinforcement Technologies From Kordsa: Kratos Structural Reinforcement

Kordsa continues to expand Kratos product range, its brand providing the industry’s leading, innovative domestic products in the construction reinforcement technologies in which Kordsa has been operating since 2014.

The digital launch meeting of 4 new Kratos Structural Reinforcement products was held online on May 31 with the participation of experts, professionals and academic speakers.

Kordsa’s Kratos Macro and Micro synthetic fiber reinforcements stand out as the first Turkish product in the over 500 million-dollar sized international fiber reinforcement market.

As the company expanded its Kratos product range in 2020, with the addition of Kratos Rebound Minimizer, a shotcrete additive that reduces rebound in tunneling and mining applications, and Kratos Pool Fiber used in pool plaster applications, became a preferred solution partner of many prestigious projects with its cost effective, durable and efficient product range.

In parallel to its “Inspired, we reinforce life” vision Kordsa has recently added to its Kratos product portfolio 4 Structural Reinforcement products after a comprehensive R&D period.  Structural Reinforcement is critical both for Turkey, and in terms of overall sustainability. Reinforcing with Kratos Structural Reinforcement products saves both time and cost compared to demolishing and rebuilding. In this respect, it stands out as an environmentally friendly and sustainable solution. If technically compatible, compared to steel or reinforced concrete jacketing, fabric reinforcement applications provide a more advantageous solution minimizing the loss of field.

Kordsa held a digital launch for the new Kratos Structural Reinforcement Products on May 31st. The meeting, started with the opening speech of Kordsa CEO Ali Çalışkan, and continued with the illuminating presentation of Kordsa’s Strategy and Business Development Director and Construction Business Unit Leader Fezal Okur Eskil about Kordsa and the Construction Business Unit. Following her presentation, Prof. Dr. Alper İlki, from Istanbul Technical University, Civil Engineering Faculty Structural and Earthquake Engineering Department, shed light on Structural Reinforcement Technologies in Turkey and in the world and explained their significance.

Following Kordsa’s Global Technology Director Devrim Özaydın’s speech titled Global Technology and Construction Reinforcement, in which he also touched on Kordsa’s technology-focused innovation perspective, Sales and Marketing Manager M. Yasa Kılınç, Technology Manager Uğur Alparslan, Account Manager Sebla Demir and Project Leader Tuluhan Ergin from Kordsa Construction Reinforcement business line, gave a detailed presentation including key technical specifications, usage areas and market position of Kratos Structural Reinforcement Technology. The digital launch meeting ended with the speech of the Chairman of the Earthquake Strengthening Association (DEGÜDER) and Chairman of the Board of Artyol Mühendislik Sinan Türkkan on Turkish structural reinforcement market and DEGÜDER’s activities.